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BlogFather: Wealth gap? Forgetaboutit! Challenge

I know I’m getting too political these days. Hopefully this too will pass. Which reminds, part of the reason for the political posts is that so much effort is going onbehind (heh!) the scenes to get ready for the London 2012 Poop Capades. I just invented that term but – alas – as always an internet search tells me I’m a day late and a dollar short. Wow. A lot of Poop Capades out there!

After this spate of political posts passes, I promise to fertilize the internet with a few poop posts to equalize things a bit.

Speaking of a dollar short, what’s up with the separation of wealth in the United States, anyway? Are you ready to take the challenge? I’m offering a wealth gap prize of incredible value. (Adjusted for the 99 percent.)

How do you win? Explain and convince me of all that’s beneficial about an ever increasing gap in what the experts call “income inequality.” Sounds like fun, right?

Along the way we’ll see one-percenters in their natural habit and there will even be a bonus banned TED video. What’s too ribald for TED? Keep reading to find out!
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