The Day is a Mother – #Monday Edition

On Sunday we headed out on a photography trip. It was what mother wanted. I stayed up late in the darkroom last night producing the results.

Call it fate, kismet or destiny. As we drove through an area we’d been before, we decided to stop again, but this time we were drawn to the left rather than the right.

That’s when I got this shot. All I can say is, “Happy mother’s day!”

9 responses

  1. The perfect Shouts shot.


    1. I thought so, too. 🙂 I also got a picture of the soda bottle stuck in said pile of manure, but that pic is more apropos to Father’s Day, I think.


  2. Oh yeah, I’m thinking desktop wallpaper and screen saver.


    1. And t-shirts. I like the thought of taking the “dump manure here” message on the go.


  3. That’s so wrong! …and yet, so kinda right! ha!


    1. I think it was Week #1 after starting the blog I decided to become a defender of the poop tag. It all started because of one of my long-time theories and one of the first things I ever wanted to write about: Gold Nugget Economics. This theory simply states that whatever “I” produce is a solid gold nugget and whatever you produce is “poop.”

      The rest is history and poop is now the #1 tag on my blog. It even beats “work.”

      Somehow the universe acknowledges this reality of my existence and thus presents me with opportunities like the scenic vista pictured above. It’s a win-win!


      1. you are too crazy! but so damn funny! 😉


  4. Hahaha. That is perfect. You should start a line of greeting cards. LOL.


    1. I’m already on it. I see much potential in negativity cards.

      FRONT: I heard you’re sick.
      INSIDE: That’s great news.

      The possibilities are as endless as my imagination.


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