Daily Archives: May 9th, 2012

Creep Thoughts

Little known fact: This sculpture was originally called “Man on Toilet Frustrated by Crossword Puzzle.” True story.

Today I was pondering the nature of existence. No biggie. Mostly because I woke up and shit and had to deal with it. What can I say? Being alive one more day is outside (mostly) of my direct control. And I’m too damn lazy to do anything differently. Like expend actual effort.

I decided to tackle this problem logically and treat it like a “proof” in the geometrical sense. Although I haven’t official “solved” anything yet, this is what I came up with so far…

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Can’t Flush Poo (Reblog)

My post for today is a serendipitous blog find. I still did some writing, though. You’ll find my work as a comment to the referenced post. I’m literally flushed with excitement about this one. Enjoy!