Blogger by day, Paladin by Knight

This how I see myself before the big game. At least I used to. All things change.

Apparently I’ve always been a bit off-kilter. Even when younger there were signs. The portends of yesteryear that became the me of today.

* Bullethead: This reminds me of the time my dumbass friend was reading aloud from a book and pronounced dilemmas as “dial-a-moss.” I was like: “Do you even hear the words coming out of your mouth? Why in the name of hell would you want to dial a moss? That makes no sense! Everyone knows they only accept US Mail.” Duh! Actually he wasn’t a “friend” at all. He was my mortal enemy and we all called him “Bullethead” but that’s another story.

For example, I remember playing a computer game called Ultima IV. The game started by asking a bunch of “ethical dilemma*” questions that were difficult to answer. Based on your answers the game would assign you a character class. This was a radical departure from games like Dungeons and Dragons where players would choose their own race and class, then creatively develop their character’s story and history.

I was a Paladin.

The Way of the Paladin

These noble warriors hail from Trinsic, in the warm southern reaches of Britannia. There, the sworn oath can be taken at great value, and none fear betrayal, for the paladins live the virtue of Honor. Their deep beliefs in the value of good lend strength to their magic, which they wield with a certain flair. Paladins have a very strict code which they live by. They value this code above all things, including their own life. Paladins never steal or start petty squabbles. Because a paladin is so skilled and trustworthy, they are respected by everyone, and doubted by no one. They are a powerful and trustworthy companion on even the most perilous journey.

Years of training in arms has allowed the paladins to become proficient in most forms of combat, and they can masterfully wield even the heaviest halberd or two-handed sword. As well, no form of armour is too unwieldy for these honorable warriors. Their strong faith lends power to their magic, and they are unafraid of trusting themselves to enchanted arms or armour.

Source: Ultima Wiki

While doing some research for this post I found that some kind soul had placed the personality test from that game online. I have no way of remembering my answers to this game over 20 years ago, but I decided to try it again and see how I did. I totally expected the same results since “consistency” is my middle name.

Some of these questions are tough! Put my call in to Dr. Laura for me. (A woman who supposedly answered questions of an ethical nature that were more of than not decidedly selfish and bratty and had absolutely nothing to do with ethics.)

Sure, the questions are also a bit silly, but I did my best. You have to use your imagination a bit as you consider them. When the wording seemed nonsensical, I tried to frame the question in a way that made sense in my life today. While taking the test I wondered if the process was a bit tainted by the knowledge that I’d taken the test before and had an expectation of the same result. I tried to set aside this knowledge and answer truly but that can be hard to do.

A demonstration of my new powers.

Alas the online version of the test doesn’t assign a class, but it does report your “virtue” scores. Pretty much as expected, I scored highest on honesty followed closely by valor and justice (tied for second). My lowest scores (three-way tie) were for sacrifice, honor, and spirituality.

The test also reports the following results for me, listed in order of importance: truth, love, and courage.

Yeah, that all sounds about right, but it is different than it used to be.

Does this mean I’m still the Paladin? I guess not. Apparently over the decades I’ve lost interest in courage, honor is still important, and truth is still important as ever. That makes me something more like a mage/druid. I can live with that.

I still find the test interesting. And it’s interesting to think about the ways I may have changed over the course of a couple decades. If you’re curious, you can take the test yourself.

Ultima IV Personality Test

If you want, you can even share your results with us in the comments section below. What were your best and worst scoring “virtues” and did you get the results you expected? Any surprises? And, if you were alive today in the modern world, what kind of character would you be? Thief? Warrior? Priest? Rogue?

Now if you’ll excuse me it’s time to go show magic to a tree. Anyone see my 12-sided die?

9 responses

  1. Sure. You’re Lawful Good. Sure you are.


    1. Really, you’d think so, wouldn’t you? Actually when I’m a wizard I’m almost always neutral and my god’s name is Thoth. You’d be an idiot to stay an atheist in D&D since praying can save your life, fill your belly, or even give you a reward like Excaliber.


  2. This test was too hard! That said, I ended up with Valor and Sacrifice tied for first, Honesty and Humility tied for second. My lowest two scores were Justice (2) and Honor (0). That’s right, I have no honor. Except in the test, it seemed that “honor” equated with swearing fealty, which doesn’t work for me.

    I guess my scores probably would put me in the Warrior class.


    1. You’re so sweet to actually take the test. I’m pleased. Very interesting results. We’re nicely matched on honesty but then differ a bit. Apparently, unlike you, I have little humility. That’s a nice bonus for a guru. 🙂

      The wording of some of the questions really messed with my head. I’m like, “I wouldn’t give a crap either way!” In those instances I tried to find a logical reason to favor one response over the other.


      1. I like these sorts of tests for some odd reason, so it was fun. With a lot of the questions, I had to wrestle with, “Is this what I’d do? Or is it what my character would do?”

        Maybe I’ve played too many RPGs. I still can’t get past the “thy Lord” thing either way.


  3. I don’t think my scores are very good….

    3 out of 7 Honesty
    5 out of 7 Compassion
    2 out of 7 Valor
    2 out of 7 Justice
    7 out of 7 Sacrifice
    3 out of 7 Honor
    3 out of 7 Spirituality
    3 out of 7 Humility

    11 out of 22 Truth
    17 out of 22 Love
    15 out of 22 Courage


    1. Are you kidding? Those scores are awesome! You believe very strongly in sacrifice with a side of compassion, and your strongest trait is love. Sure, it’s the exact opposite of me, but I’m sure it’s very nice! It probably wins you a lot more friends, too. 🙂


  4. 6 out of 7 Honesty
    4 out of 7 Compassion
    5 out of 7 Valor
    5 out of 7 Justice
    3 out of 7 Sacrifice
    2 out of 7 Honor
    0 out of 7 Spirituality
    3 out of 7 Humility

    3 out of 22 Truth
    12 out of 22 Love
    10 out of 22 Courage

    Wow — check out that Spirituality!!


    1. Honesty FTW! I’d rather think honesty is important than spirituality. And then you go for love, you big softy. Oddly, though, truth takes a beating because suddenly you get all courageous. What’s up with that? 🙂


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