Random Music: All I Want by The Offspring

I had just finished saving as a “draft” something I had previously intended to post as my deep thought of the day. The post happened to be about the boss. It didn’t make the publishing cut, though, because it was too puss-ridden, even for me!

I was forced to save it and see if it can somehow be salvaged for later. This is a very routine sort of event on my blog. Most that go to Cemetery of Hateful Drafts never return to see the light of day. Sometimes, though, one gets through, usually as a zombie.

Running out of time, with today’s deadline looming, I decided to try to find a little extra inspiration. My plan: Gather my thoughts, clear my mind, focus, extend my aura, and reach out and see what awaits me…

You ever use a Magic 8 Ball? Ask a question and all will be revealed. Yeah, right. In the eigth grade I asked if Suzie Johnson would make love with me on my Star Wars bedspread. The Magic 8 Ball said yes. It fucking lied. Oops. I’m told that a certain attitude is required for these things to work. Sorry, no gurus allowed.

This is one area where negativity has a chokehold on positivity. I’ve been schooled on it many times by the Optimistic Folk. If you think bad thoughts, then bad things will happen.

As a logical thinker, I therefore assume the inverse must also be true: Think good thoughts and good things will happen. So I then run to the door, fling it open, leap out into the walking on sunshine and imagine the most positive thing I can.

I’d like a solid gold brick to fall out of my ass. I don’t even care if it rips my shorts!

You already know how this one turns out. No gold brick. On the plus side, though, my jeans don’t get ripped, either. I guess we’ll call that a wash. An acid wash. Whoohoo, I crack myself up!

That’s about when the Optimistic Folk show up and say, “Oh noes. It doesn’t work that way. Before the universe will bring you anything you have to get your head straight. And not just with lip service, either. The universe knows the difference. Only when you truly don’t want something will it come to you.”


WHAT THE FUCK GOOD DOES THAT DO ME? And, if I may ask a follow up question? Why aren’t you in a rubber room?

My wife has a book of little inspirational sayings written by Dr. Wayne Dyer. I have to admit, the dude has powers. One day he wished for his hair to fall out and it did! Sometimes I secretly grab that book, hold a thought in my mind and put things to the test. I feel the book open at random to see what washes up. What?!? He sold a book full of print like this? The dude might be smarter than I thought!

Apparently the good doctor came a little bit under fire last month after some felt his PBS pledge-drive special bordered on the religious. I don’t think the story got as much attention as, perhaps, a certain shooting in Florida, but somehow news of the hubbub reached my ears. I guess that’s the universe giving me a freebie. Here’s a link if you’d like to read more about it.

Anyway, long story short, I decided to try this “listen to the universe” kind of a thing for today’s post. I had just finished that vile piece of post wrapped in bile. It was fresh in my mind. My mind was focus. My body was busy pumping blood trying to exceed operational parameters much like a diesel submarine plunging past 600 meters in depth.

I then fired up my Pandora and asked it for a random song across all of my radio stations, which is an extremely eclectic mix. It could have come up with almost anything.

The song embedded below is what I received. I think if you use your imagination just a tiny bit you might find that the universe was actually paying attention to me. Some of the lyrics resonate a wee bit. What do you think?


2 responses

  1. It’s an omen!
    No idea of what though…


    1. One thing this random song challenge does is force me to really listen to a song that I usually just hear as it whizzes by as background noise. This one had something to do with “home life” but the lyrics work so well for other things that piss me off, too, like work life.

      Either way, I agree with you. This selection by the universe does not portend well. 🙂


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