Silent Saturday: iPod Photos

I actually have blog ideas today. But I’m not in the mood to write. Weird how it works like that, eh?

I loaded some recent photos from my iPod and decided to throw them online.

Like a boss.

On Thursday this week the boss decided to rip coworker a new one for how he packaged a box. He said, “I don’t know who trained you, but I prefer it like this. Here’s a list of 25 things I would have done differently. I’m going to explain in vivid detail on each one of those how your way sucks.”

Lo and behold, I happen to have captured a pic of how the boss really does it when there is no one around to insult. Not exactly the quality job that he said he demands from others is it?

Click the jump for even more photographic explorations like these! I promise they are not all about the boss.

Oh yes. The classic homemade bear claw. Only 2,430 calories. In America we call these “breakfast dessert.” In the spirit of fairness, I asked the waitress about these, and she said they are intended for groups of eight. I should hope so!

Windows running at the local Wendy’s fast food. This is why Microsoft can’t be used for human missions in the space program. There is no CTRL-ALT-DEL in space.

My cat helping me blog. Isn’t he so cute?!?!?

Tremble in fear, humans. A “bailout brand” of cigarettes is decidedly one of the seven seals. The Book of Revelation is upon us!!!

The other night my wife was shopping so I wandered aimlessly around the strip mall. I prayed I’d be hit by a lighting bolt but it was a clear day and not meant to be. Little known fact about strip malls: They offer no place to sit. Either get your ass in the store and spend some money or get the fuck out!!! There is no middle ground.

I don’t have a gym membership. I simply go to the fast food restaurant. This is where I do my pullups.

A recent blog post of mine as viewed on an iPod. Damn, that looks so bitchin’. Hell, I might even read that crap myself.

The other night a dream came true for me. I call this Saltado and Paloma. What a work of art! The saltado dish was so good, then someone pointed out to me that it was also vegan. Win win!

Four Loko, an alcoholic “energy” drink as seen in its natural habit. I was able to sneak up on this specimen and catch him in his den. Apparently the beverage does not provide enough “energy” to locate the garbage can located only a few feet away.

And there you have it. A few photographs demonstrating my unique view of the world. I hope you enjoyed this tour of your filthy planet.

6 responses

  1. You are very lucky to have captured a Four Loko in its native habitat. I’ve never even seen one in captivity. I marvel, sir! I saw an empty beer can in a shopping cart in a Wal-Mart parking lot today but I forgot to bring a camera. #sad (Yes, you’ve got me using hashtags now, darn you!)

    Yes, your cat is pretty darned cute.

    I see you mentioned your Chess post (as a photo, very clever) here, too. When I am able to sweep the cob webs from my brain I’ll try to comment cogently. Some cob webs may remain, sadly, despite the most vigorous application of the broom, aka caffeine.


    1. Thanks. As a photographer yourself, I’m sure you know what was involved in getting that shot. I neglected to mention that I got the shot at extreme risk to myself. But I think the results were worth it.

      That’s one thing cool about the iPod. Since you’re in love with the damn thing and always keep it close to your breast (at least I do) you’ve always got a camera nearby.

      I’m very proud of the Chess and Mate post. Unfortunately it got very little love from this cold and cynical world. As I figured.


  2. Well, judging by this post, I see I haven’t missed much. *snicker* 😉

    I guess I really am the a-MUSE bouche to your main course…blog-wise.

    Good thing Blogdramedy is back on the (pommel) horse ready to provide some much needed wit and glamour to your life. Lucky you!


    1. A lot of shit happened while you were gone. Get this: I almost went through mental puberty!!! It was a false alarm, though. Apparently there are still a few years to get under my belt before that happens.

      Pommel horse, eh? Here’s the footage of me practicing my kisses. Watch the video then it will make sense.


      1. I can tell by this video that you are all set for the 2012 Olympics. A suggestion…work on kissing some judge ass to ensure the gold. 🙂


  3. Preparations for totally ignoring the Olympics are already in full swing here in the Abyss.


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