Blankity blank blank Dixieland blank Rock

I've got too many women after me. No worries. I wrote a song about it!

In this game, your humble blog host finds himself with jack shit to post about. So he loads up iTunes, with 5,244 items contained therein, and says, “I’ll hit random and write a post about the next thing that comes up.”

Trust me. This is no matter to take lightly. I’ve got some pretty sick shit in my collection. On the other hand, there is a lot of goodness and light, too. Like most things in my life, this is a crap shoot. My collection is very, very, very eclectic.

The fun thing about this sort of self-challenge is seeing what you get. Then saying, “No, not that one” and clicking next until you find something you can live with.

Just kidding. This little nugget is what really came up. And now we all have to live with it. Hey, just like life.

Yep. There be Elvis on my hard drive. Now, here come some thoughts.

  • This version is slightly different than the one I just heard from my collection. I grew up with the LP version from the wee age of “tike” and I know the difference.
  • Elvis really is the King. The video of him clapping at the start is almost in sync with the audio. That’s pretty damn good for YouTube, the penultimate delivery system for mismatching audio/video to fuck with our heads. It’s a clandestine plot to make online advertising more effective on our confused brains.
  • The way Elvis is standing and moving at nine seconds into the video is exactly what I do when my wife says she’s willing to watch another episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. (We’re going to watch them all, babes.)
  • That sure is a smoky room in the video. I would not enter, not even to see Elvis. I was once in a room just as big to see Ricky Skaggs and I had a front row seat. He asked for no smoking during the performance. It was almost a religious experience for me. That dude puts on a show! Recently I met someone also named Skaggs who claims to be a cousin of Ricky. Am I a player or what?
  • I have the same haircut and also wear a bandana around my neck. Only on me it looks good.
  • Is that a kick ass song for trombones or what? I used to love playing this on my t-bone. Spit valve, baby.
  • When I was a kick my parents had King Creole on LP. (It’s a rubbery vinyl thing that went on a turntable.) I played the shit out of that sucker. Other smooth jams on the thing, daddy-o, included favorites like Crawfish, Hard Headed Woman, Trouble and New Orleans. And, of course, King Creole.

Well, this post sucked it hard. That means I’ll do it again real soon!

12 responses

  1. I love this Kid Creole and the Coconuts song!


    1. Wow. Do you have your finger on the pulse of this blog or what?


  2. Here’s an Elvis song in honor of Obama’s dog diet. I love dogs, by the way.


    1. Debra Paget FTW! Was Elvis in that clip? I must have missed it.


      1. Yes, Elvis does take his sweet time appearing. I confess I nodded off.


  3. Please tell me after you posted this you had a deep fried peanut butter & banana sandwich.
    (Though taking up smoking would probably be healthier…)


    1. OMG! I was totally going to include a deep fried peanut butter and banana sandwich in this post. Truth be told, in every single post I usually forget about 20 percent of my original intentions. Sometimes I get around to mentioning the forgotten stuff in a comment, but most of the times not.

      And not just any deep friend peanut butter and banana sandwich, either. Only one made by Momma will suffice.

      We can share a jelly donut for dessert.


  4. Out of curiosity I tried the iTunes trick again this morning. Lucky for all of us this isn’t what came up yesterday. I’m currently listening to something called Concerto No. 1 in B-Flat Minor for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 23: I. Allegro non troppo e molto maestoso – Allegro con spirito and it’s 20 minutes long!!! 🙂


  5. Knowing you, I’d say you got lucky. Go ahead. Try it again. I dare you! 😉


    1. With my luck it would be one of my top five angry songs, which, by the way, remains to this day as the #1 post on the Abyss. Yep, just checked the “top shouts” section in the left column. It’s still there. And by a wide margin. So thanks for being my muse on that! 🙂


      1. Anytime! 😉


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