Oh, crap. I’m sitting here looking at a blank page and I’ve got a serious blockage.

What? No! Not that kind. Jeez. What do you take me for?

Seriously. I’m drawing one big blank over here.

What’s the big deal? I could miss a day, right? Well, right now, I’ve successfully blogged 920 days in a row. My streak of continuous posts started way back on October 5, 2009. That’s right. 920 days without a break and never Freshly Pressed. I’m obviously going for the world record. Let it be known that I’ll go to any length to be pathetic.

How much more, WordPress? How much more? Please let me know when I’ve achieved the longest Freshly Pressed drought of all-time while posting daily at the same time. Now that is something I would love to stuff and shove on the mantle. Something to be proud of.

Since I got nothing, I’ll simply go off an a couple of random things. We’ll start with presidential wannabe emails.

Presidential Wanna Be Emails

Yesterday I received emails from two different presidential campaigns. Yep. I’m a sap. I voluntarily signed up for both. Do I love punishment or what?

There was something I found interesting about the emails. Let’s see if you notice it, too.

First, a little something from the “Join the Truth Team.”

From: Jim Messina, Campaign Manager, Obama for America
Date: April 11, 2012


1. Romney’s positions are the most radically anti-women of any candidate in a generation: He supports banning all abortions, backed a so-called “personhood” amendment that could make certain forms of birth control illegal, and says he would “get rid of” federal funding for Planned Parenthood that provides preventive services like cancer screenings for millions of women.

And from our good friend across the aisle:

From: Katie Packer Gage, Deputy Campaign Manager, Romeny for President, Inc.
Date: April 11, 2012


Women account for 92.3% of the jobs lost under Obama.

What president has the worst record on female labor force participation? Barack Obama. Turning the clock back 20 years on American women.

Did you catch it? If not, look again. It’s subtle.

There seems to be a minor point of contention regarding women, eh? Why do I suddenly get the feeling that George W. Bush is somewhere having a good laugh about this? “Call each other ‘wafflers.’ Go on, do it! This woman stuff is good, heh heh, but the waffle stuff works wonders when you’re supposed to lose.”

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how we choose presidents in the year 2012.

An Opinion on the Trayvon Martin Case

As we all know by now, George Zimmerman, the killer of Trayvon Martin, was arrested yesterday and charged with 2nd degree murder. The word is he’ll plead not guilty. I’m curious about the defense that will be offered. [Correction edit – removed erroneous quote attribution.] No doubt it be argued that Zimmerman acted in “self defense.” I wonder what else they can possibly come up with?

I don’t know what happened. But I believe it is a fact that, based on the 911 recordings, Zimmerman is the one who initiated the encounter. He’s the one who reported what he saw and then left his vehicle. Those are facts as documented in the 911 recording. Whatever else happened later, Zimmerman’s actions led to the fatal outcome.

I believe that if Zimmerman phoned in his suspicions and then simply remained in his vehicle and waited for the police, Trayvon Martin would still be alive.

Much has been made about the media handling of this story. I’m grateful there will be a trial so actually evidence can be presented and considered. There may be a minor difficulty in seating a jury that isn’t prejudicial, though. They’ll need 12 people who live under rocks.


That’s it. I’ll see y’all tomorrow. Look for me anywhere other than Freshly Pressed. That’s the location of the hidden Abyss base.

4 responses

  1. A trial will be nice, but no matter who wins, there’s going to be outcry fromt eh other side that it’s politically motivated or something.
    Congrats on maintaining your streak!


  2. I’m with you that I think if Zimmerman had stayed in his car until the police had arrived, we wouldn’t be where he is today. And personally, I don’t want to live in a community where my “Neighborhood Watch” is armed.


    1. Well said. In this case, “Neighborhood Watch” was a bit of a misnomer. Maybe they should have called it, “Neighborhood Have Gun Will Travel.”


    2. Also, referring to his position as “Captain” might induce delusions of grandeur. Perhaps they should rename it to “Hall Monitor.”


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