Termination Tuesday – The Spinal Four – Week 1 (Sudden Death) – Execution Conference

It’s time for sudden death!

Wood Chipper vs Immurement

Ladies and gentleman, in the finest tradition of bracketology we have two fierce competitors locked in battle so intense a winner hasn’t been decided yet.

This is how it should be. Finally the competition has risen to its proper level.

And so, here we are. Once more into the breech we all must go. If you already voted, you get to vote again. If you skipped last week’s vote, then this is your shot at redemption. Don’t blow it!

Vote… vote… vote… or the Grim Reaper might become… displeased.

And let us also lift up our glasses in a toast to Sudden Death.

2 responses

  1. Thank Beelzebub that I got back for the Final Four!! Gotta be wood-chipper.


    1. We added a sudden death round just for you. And we may be moving the finale near the airport. You know. In the terminal.

      Oh shit. My joke just flat-lined.


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