T-shirt idea: Divide and Canker

This is about a t-shirt idea I worked up for a post earlier this week. I decided against using it. Then I changed my mind. Here it is! (Click to read more. You know you wanna. What has the super-freak done this time? You’ll only find out if you click. Unless you get off on denial.)

Here I go all broken record again. I get on a topic and harp it, huh? Well, this really is just a continuation of a previous post so it doesn’t count.

It is really topsy-turvy that anyone claiming to be against the idea of religious persecution would advocate that Americans with different religious beliefs should leave the country. In fact, I found that downright un-American since this is one time we really do know what the “founding fathers” wanted since they actually bothered to put it down in writing in an unambiguous way.

Every American is guarantee freedom of religion by the Constitution of the United States. Period. A right that even extends to – gasp – non-Christians. Yes, it’s true. Look it up.

If you want my opinion, it is those who would attempt to deny this basic American right to their countrymen who are the real false patriots.

That’s why I’m dedicating this t-shirt design to Pastor Dennis Terry, a man who I think really needs to start his own country. And in Terryland the first amendment to the Holy Constitution can read, “This country is open only to people who have the same religious beliefs as everyone else.” I’ll even throw in free t-shirts for the first 10 citizens of Terryland. (In the name of diplomatic relations. Someone has to be the first to make the first gesture of goodwill.)

I’m also dedicating this t-shirt design to the Reason Rally going on right now in our nation’s capital. Or, as my good friend likes to call it, “The Atheist Woodstock.” Right on!

God speed, Pastor Terry!

Also, kudos to member “rones” on Open Source Clip Art. This design wouldn’t have been possible without his “Priest with a Chainsaw” image. God bless you, rones! Your design inspired me.

3 responses

  1. Your skill at words pales in comparison to your t-shirt design skills…you should sells these on Zazzle and finally tell that Boss to go pray at the alter of “good luck, sucker.” 🙂


    1. You have a keen eye, my friend. You’re able to detect quality bullshit and quality merchandise.

      I’m buying a hoodie for work. It should go nicely with this t-shirt.


  2. […] when I don’t get that same sort of respect in return. Then there is trouble. (Like my recent Divide and Canker t-shirt in response to a preacher saying who should leave this country of […]


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