Top 10 Great Moments of Rob Corddry in Cinema and Film List

Congratulations discerning reader for clicking through to this post. Of all the flotsam on the sea of the internet you allowed this particular missive to penetrate your filter bubble. You obviously have impeccable taste, like me, which is why the name “Rob Corddry” catches your eye.

The rest of you losers who arrived here purely by chance or by some sadly mistaken feelings of loyalty (do not follow me!) may naturally have many questions at this point.

  • What the fuck is a Rob Corddry?
  • Is that any way to spell a last name?
  • Seriously. Who the fuck is this guy?
  • He was in a movie?

Let’s start with a quotation. Luckily I was able to get a limited license to reprint this one:

If I could be anyone in history – past, present or future – I’d be that guy. The dashing dude who was the funniest thing ever on The Daily Show. The dude with the misspelled last name. You know, the guy who is quasi-mortal and was chiseled from the clay of the gods. Oh man that dude is gorgeous. Yeah, I’d be him.

–Tom B. Taker

I submit that his body of work, which is more extensive than you can possibly imagine, is already enough to catapult Corddry, a legend in his own time, to the status of “lifetime achievement” within the Oscar community. I just hope the Academy acts before it is too late, while he’s still with us. It’s sad when they give out lifetime achievement awards posthumously. Remember – You heard it here first!

So here they are, the greatest moments of Rob Corddry ever captured on film. For those of you seeing this footage for the first time, I envy you. I’d give anything to go back in time and relive those moments of pure ecstasy. Enjoy!

Warning: I guess I have to say this. The following clips feature an actor accomplished at his craft. Rob Corddry is not racist, sexist, homophobic or even crude. He’s actually a very decent fellow, humble, sincere, made of the stuff of great moral fiber and a bit of a prude, truth be told. I know he turned down my advances, so he must be some kind of puritanical freak. Anyway, I digress. Some of the material may be offensive. You have been warned.

10. Dodgeball

Wait. He wasn’t in that movie, fucker!

9. Failure to Launch

For once, Matthew McConaughey’s alleged masculinity and hunkiness was directly challenged by another actor in a film. Only Rob Corddry has the chops to pull that off and Matthew is forced to eat Rob’s dust. Here’s our hero  in a scene with the lovely and overly-adorable Zooey Deschanel:

8. The Ten

Leave it to Rob Corddry to elevate an otherwise shit piece of film phlegm (at least temporarily) to the level of a masterpiece. Unfortunately the script and other actors dared to interfere, so even Rob himself couldn’t single-handedly save the project. And Paul Rudd, who normally has the genius to deliver gems like Celery Man, falls short. This clip also features the technological of YouTube to bring clips with badly synced audio to the masses. Now enjoy some Corddry at his tender best in this heart-wrenching scene:

7. The Heartbreak Kid

This is a short clip but worthy of inclusion because it shows Corddry in a rare moment of self-deprecating humor. I apologize for the technical quality of this clip but sometimes YouTube makes it hard to share. This is one case where the content really shines through so it’s worth the effort:

6. Lower Learning

In this scene with Eva Longoria, Corddry literally shoves something in her face, although it might not be what you expect. Corddry is a master of switching gears. Unbelievably, he actually does his own stunt work here, too.


5. What Happens in Vegas

Hollywood is sure getting uptight about clips. This one is short but worth it. You have to admit, the man can act. Here he shows off his modesty skills:

4. I Now Pronounced You Chuck and Larry

What do you call an Adam Sandler movie without Rob Corddry’s involvement, even in some small insignificant role? A steam pile of dog poop, that’s what! Corddry graciously rides in to save the day!

3. Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Eight minutes of bliss!

2. Blackballed – The Bobby Dukes Story

“Caught cheating and banned for ten years, Bobby Dukes, paintball’s first superstar, returns to reclaim his title and erase the memory of his tainted past.” And Rob Corddry plays the leading role. As if that isn’t enough cred, the film won the Audience Award at the 2004 South By Southwest Film Festival and the 2005 Boston Independent Film Festival. That’s SWSX, motherfucker! Is that trendy enough for ya? Corddry was all up in SWSX’s grill long before SWSX became the cool thing on Twitters and shit.

And this movie is available right now on Netflix Streaming so it’s my Something To Stream Pick O’ The Week ™. I give it two shotguns up – way the fuck up.

1. Hot Tub Time Machine

What’s his face, John Cusack, somehow inconceivably got top billing in this movie (maybe because he was also a producer, ya think?), but Rob Corddry eschewed the scenery big time and utterly stole the show. Craig Robinson is hella funny but even he couldn’t keep up with energetic and riveting Corddry. He’s so good sometimes it is hard to tell where the characters end and he begins. Corddry is a true actor’s actor.

I’ll let the clips speak for themselves.

11 responses

  1. I love him — and miss him so much on The Daily Show! He is off-the-hook funny!

    Wow…we do have great taste, huh?


    1. Thank God for Carmen! I was starting to wonder if I had launched this post in WordPress’ undocumented “invisibility mode.”

      Corddry rocks! According to the IMDb he’s got some new movies coming up, too.

      Escape from Planet Earth
      Warm Bodies
      Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

      Good times ahead!


  2. Someone’s in luuuuuv! 😉

    I know him personally so I told him about this post and he says he wants you to become his publicist. The salary’s not the greatest but he said he’d let you hang with him on set…as long as you call him Sir and don’t eat all the donuts.

    Now you can tell the Boss to go kill baby seals and get Greenpeace all up in his face.


    1. Now you see what it takes for me to turn my back on the fairer sex. A specimen of sublime beauty and perfection. Chiseled from the Gods? Indeed!

      Sure, I’d love to be his publicist. Or intern. Hell, I’d even settle for being a piece of furniture. Maybe I could start as his ottoman and work my way up.

      Greenpeace FTW!


      1. Maybe you’re right…publicist it too high a calling for you. And ottoman is to empirey. Would you settle for doormat? 😉


  3. I’ve never heard of this guy, so you’re off to a good start as his publicist. He does look vaguely familiar. Someday I may even know him personally.


    1. Never? Never? Good God, how sheltered are you? Rob Corddry is only the biggest thing to hit this planet since sliced bread. And twice as tasty!


      1. I prefer my bread torn not sliced, my men anonymous (like you) not the biggest thing to hit the planet. Why what’s so special about a man, if your common sort know him?

        I just saw the The Lennon Bus follows Corddry, as well as does one of my college friends, one of my few followers. I just checked out those you follow on Twitter, and I’m amazed that you can even see my feeble tweets amongst the herd.


  4. Oh, Rob Corddry is torn, don’t you worry about that. More like “ripped” actually. Well, a combination of both. He’s torn and ripped. Totally.

    I totally follow you on Twitter. You should always be looking over your shoulder. You’ll see me there watching you from about a block away. With binoculars.


  5. […] achieved hero cult status here in the Abyss and came within a hair’s breadth of dethroning Rob Corddry as being “chiseled from the clay of the Gods.” (Don’t worry, though. Corddry […]


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