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Gin One for the Gapper

Wealth Gap

Don't invade my bedroom, asshole. Didn't you see what happened to Ravi?

Today I’m going to attempt to go biggie size, stay serious and explore a topic for which my brain is three sizes too small. If you’re the sort that enjoys the crashes more than the actual racing, then this post may be for you.

The topic? “Wealth gap.” Or, as Wikipedia likes to call it, “economic inequality.”

The Christian Science Monitor reported recently that the wealth gap hasn’t been this bad since the “roaring 20’s.” Obama says the gap is “unfair.” And Romney supposedly represents the side of “hard work and business savvy.”

Well start with what I’m going to call my “opinion hypothesis.” This is a collection of unsubstantiated and vague feelings that, when taken together, represent an opinion from my gut. I’ll share it with you before I dig across the net for graphs and actual facts. Then we’ll see how divergent the two things really are.
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