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You Make Me Hate Myself

84.This post is part of our advanced negativity studies curriculum. If you are not pursuing your Ph.D (Philosophy of Hateful Dystopia) in The RUNS (Risible Ultion Negativity Studies) this post may still be taken as an elective.

Perhaps it was 15 years ago, maybe more. This was back when I was still somebody and working at a real job. This was before the Decade of Despair (TM), mind you. I was doing my thing and listening to some music by Type O Negative, a band so good they even have the word “negative” in their name.

At the right moment during one of their songs Peter Steele screams out an enthusiastic, “You make me hate myself.”

My mates at work burst out laughing the first time they heard this lyrical eloquence. But if you think about it, it really is deep.
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