Legally Obliged: Pepsi gets Coked

File this under Things That Make Me Feel So Good…

Where’s Eric Clapton when we need him? Cocaine! (Little known fact: Eric Clapton’s version of the song was a cover. The song was original written and recorded by JJ Cale in 1976.)

Coke used to contain cocaine but even today it still contains an extract of the coca leaf. The Stepan Company does the processing in New Jersey and is the only facility in the United States licensed by the DEA to import coca leaves from Peru.

Approximately 100 metric tons of dried coca leaf are imported each year. The cocaine-free leaves are sold to The Coca Cola Company, while the active ingredient is sold to Mallinckrodt, a pharmaceutical firm, for medicinal purposes.

Source: Wikipedia – Stepan Company

Yes, the flavor of Coke is that importante!

What else is important to the flavor? The caramel coloring, without which Coke would be a “vile” clear beverage. The caramel coloring is a flavor component in addition to giving Coke it’s traditional color.

Then along comes California’s Prop 65 to take the fizzle out of Coke and Pepsi. Both companies had to change the way they make caramel coloring to avoid Prop 65 warning labels on their products, even though they claim the whole thing is a bunch of bullshit. They said they made the changes because they were legally obliged. How noble!

There will now be less 4-methylimidazole in Coke and Pepsi than before. Yeah, let’s defend 4-methylimidazole. That sounds delicious. Critics say that you’d have to drink 1,000 sodas a day to reach harmful amounts of 4-methylimidazole like those fed to rats. Sounds like typical Americans to me.

Meanwhile I’ve been wondering about the new iPad. Does it meet Prop 65 standards? Apparently so. I can find no hubbub in the “elite media” about The New iPad and Prop 65.

Tom’s Law #42
If the electronics product works then, by default, it must contain cancer causing chemicals and substances.

In the past, the Apple iPhone came under fire after Greenpeace disassembled one (what? noooooo!) and claimed that after 18 components were tested brominated flame retardants (BFRs) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) were found, although both were found to be within levels found acceptable by U.S. and European regulations.

Without admitting it was doing anything wrong, Apple responded saying it would manufacture products without BFRs and PVC by the end of 2008.

Tom’s Law #42
What is best for the wallets of other people is seldom an effective way of measuring what is best for you.

In fact, I’m thinking about adding a Prop 65 warning to my website for my reader in California just to be on the safe side. I’m sure some of my bullshit more than qualifies!

5 responses

  1. Hey!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m a Californian!

    Okay, here’s my thing: I am so sick and tired of the friggin’ food and health police about everything. I grew up drinking a liter of Pepsi a day — easy! And that didn’t even include all the other soda I drank when I got home! OY! I’m so tired of it! I went to eat some Mac & Cheese the other day and the waitress told me that it was “organic” and “soy cheese” — WTF? If I want to eat “healthy” food why would I order Mac & Cheese? HOLLAR!!!! Hey, here’s a thought: your kids are fat and sick and because they don’t go outside and play AT ALL!

    I know I’m off topic a bit — but they did enough damage to Coke and Pepsi when they stopped using regular sugar. Now, to get the REAL THING you have to get what people out here in California call “Mexican” coke — which is the REAL THING made the old fashioned way in Mexico — with real sugar!!! And we’ll pay a premium for it in Restaurants! ….this annoys me something fierce! Let’s go protest!

    (See, I’m turning negative…how do you like me now? Ha!)


    1. I hear ya, I hear ya. On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to be drinking something with 20% fermaldihyde without being told about it, either, would ya? It’s hard to make informed decisions without the informedations.


      For example, does something called “4-methylimidazole” really, really, really have to be in there for the product to have the right flavor and color? Really? Isn’t there some other way? Is it really vital or does it just solve certain problems for the manufacturers? (Translated: More profits.)

      Because I’ll tell ya, I’m fine with them making a little less profits so I don’t have to consume “4-methylimidazole,” whatever the hell that is.

      I just heard there is fake chicken that can’t be discerned from the real thing. I’m very excited about that, but I’m waiting to read the list of chemicals inside before making up my mind.

      By the way, I think they come out with “throwback” sodas from time to time made with actual sugar. They still would except they found out that it’s cheaper to use HFCS. And there are politics involved. Ugh.

      So crack open a cold one and enjoy it with your mac and cheese. (Yum!) I prefer homemade mac ‘n cheese to that Kraft stuff. Who wants chemical stuff from a tobacco company when making real stuff homemade in your home kitchen isn’t that hard? Hell, even I could do it and it was delicious! (We had it just last week.)

      With your every step to the dark side you come closer to your density.

      By the way, no harm towards California was intended. I’m willing to give the entire state a pass simply because you live there. So they all owe you a debt on that score!


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  3. Sorry buster but I like Coke just the way it is…was. I remember way back when they came out with “new” Coke and it tasted like…hmm. What was it…ah, yes. Pepsi. Ick. I made my dad go to the store and buy up every case of “old” Coke. It was enough to last me until the Coke people discovered they’d made a huge mistake and brought back the original formula.

    I think I’ll start a petition!!!

    Of course nowadays I only drink about 3 cans a year so maybe not.


    1. Ah. See? Here is where we diverge. If the shit doesn’t need to be in there, then why do it?

      I also remember when the new Coke came out. I was a Coke drinker at the time. I liked the new Coke. I liked it a lot. So I happily went along for the ride.

      It was not meant to be. The public went all Netflix up in their grill and they decided to backtrack. They kept the new Coke and cleverly called it “New Coke.” And, supposedly, the old formula was kept alive in “Classic Coke.” I thought Classic Coke tasted like liquified dog shit.

      Eventually they deprecated “New Coke” so I took the only option available to me. I switched to Pepsi and I’ve never looked back.

      Of course, in the long run, either one is like acid rain on the inside of your body and should both by outlawed like the Plague. I call them “liquid candy” now and have since switched to water.


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