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How does bias color the advice and information we get from fair and balanced sources? This graphic might illuminate:

Paraphrasing O'Reilly's changing opinions over time. Something found on the net.

Mommy! Hold me! Bill O’Reilly’s angry face scares me and makes me wet my pants. Help!

Yes, it’s an election year and that’s when stuff happens. What type of stuff, of course, depends on the circumstances. Back in 2008 (when George W. Bush was in office) the sound bites from FOX News emphasized stuff like this:

Yesterday gas prices hit a record high and politicians can’t do a thing about it.
–Bill O’Reilly, April 23, 2008, on his FOX News television program

Fast forward to 2012 and what’s the message coming out of FOX News? They seem to have a bone to pick with Obama about, you guessed it, gas prices. And now they’re implying that no one is talking about gas prices. Clearly FOX News wants Americans to blame Obama for the price of oil.

On his show February 20, 2012, Bill O’Reilly said, “The Obama administration wants the price of oil to go up as high as possible so that Americans demand alternative energy, electric cars and things like that.”

Apparently O’Reilly’s opinion about how much a president can do about gas prices depends heavily on who is the president.

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  1. So many “conservatives” claim they want government to stay off their backs and out of their lives, and yet they turn right around and clamor for the president and government to do more to stimulate the economy and “create jobs.” I’m not a Democrat, and I’m generally wary of most “welfare” programs, but if it weren’t for unemployment insurance maybe millions of Americans would have slipped into poverty during the past few years.

    Republicans and Libertarians wave the banner of unfettered capitalism and totally free markets. Why then are any conservatives/Republicans whining for Obama to “do something” to lower the price of oil and gasoline? If the market can eventually bear $10 a gallon gas that’s what we’ll be paying in a “free market.”


    1. Do an internet search for “Bill O’Reilly gas prices” and find results from February and March of 2012. You’ll find that he’s really taking a beating for his opinions on how to solve the problem of gas prices. It seems this is one time when even his side of the aisle think he’s nuts. Forbes said the effect of O’Reilly’s “solution” would be that gas prices would remain the same and jobs would be driven out of America to other countries.

      Maybe we should count our blessings that he is only a hate monger and not the president?


    2. Some Republicans and Libertarians are asking that Obama lift restrictions on drilling and grant more permits. That’s the “something” they want him to do.


      1. But O’Reilly has been running around claiming that the United States is so awash in excess oil that we’re selling it to China because that is more profitable. Which is it? Awash in oil or drill baby, drill?


      2. We have oil, and we have refinery issues and we do have transport problems. China is very aggressive about getting oil from everywhere. Did you read my link about Brazil’s offshore oil?


      3. Not yet I think. It’s in my must read pile.


  2. Yeah, Bill O’Reilly. A true wordsmith…and finger pointer extraordinaire.


    1. I had a nightmare last night that Bill O’Reilly asked me to smell his finger. My wife says I woke up screaming.


  3. This link is burning a hole in my mouse so I’m going to drop it right here!
    I love this guy (but not as much as I love you!)
    “Flat-Earthers” Do Not Believe The World Is Cubical! (Humor)


    1. I’m glad you did. The People’s Cube doesn’t work for me, but I’m glad you like it.

      I do understand the point. Why bother with the small stuff when you can just keep at the big stuff. Why bother to change?

      Change is not necessary. Survival is not mandatory.

      We have to continue to try to find something other than oil, coal and nuclear. We can’t give up. Dare I say the People’s Cube point is rather … negative. I get to be the optimist here, I guess. Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows. We have to continue to strive and hope there is a better day and that, with determination, we will find it. Will it be wind and solar? Maybe not. But “drill, baby, drill” isn’t going to be the all-magical panacea, either.


      1. Mr. People’s Cube has lived Big Government in the Soviet Union, moved here to escape and is now terrified to see it happening all over again. He is using the propaganda tools of the Soviet Regime to make fun of the sound bites and slogans here. Algae? Come on, Mr. President. That’s magical thinking. The amount of water and space it takes to process algae into fuel is massive. Believe me, I’ve looked into all of the green stuff and no one wants it more than I do. I’m a hippie from way, way back. We could all live like the Amish, of course. But that takes a lot of land.


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