Reproducing some thoughts about men

Finally. I figured out a way we can make contraception and reproduction laws that make sense for ALL of us.

Anal probes for all men who get a woman pregnant!

Make me happy and retweet this shit. Or leave your rubbers on and give me nothing. Either way it’s fine by me. Whatever. You bunch of babies.

6 responses

  1. I’ll even like this shit for you.

    Quit whining, it’s not very attractive.


    1. Well, in keeping with the tone of this post… I was shocked shitless.

      I’ll admit I had a tiny bit of optimism and, dare I say – hope – that the “anal ultrasound” tweet would give some love from my follower. (Yes, always singular. This is deliberate.)

      I said to myself, “Hey, Tom. You suck. But maybe this tweet is the one. Maybe this is the one that will make you somebody.”

      Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. It only got one retweet and that was from a stranger. (God bless him!)

      Even Navin R. Johnson (as played by Steve Martin in The Jerk) outranks me because at least he got listed in the phone book.

      Disturbing FYI: I don’t even have a phone since I opted out of all the bullshit. Being the techo-probe that I am, I decided to go email-only. But guess what? I was reading the help wanted section (my hobby) and saw an ad that wouldn’t accept applicants without phones! Oh, shit. I guess they get you no matter what.



  2. This was bootylicious baby! I’d say you are totally ready for the jelly. Just don’t clench. 🙂


    1. I find that resistance can make almost anything worse.

      Wow, sometimes my pith even impresses myself.


  3. No, apparently it isn’t on us.


    1. It’s time for us men to step up to the plate.


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