Plan of Attack

In the name of scientific exploration, I’ve come up with a plan.

I have dubbed today Abyss Positivity Today. It all started, like usual, when a challenge was issued. It would be so much easier if I simply learned how to say no. 🙂

Even so, I decided I have to give it my best shot. I’m going to give it my all.

That means rolling out of bed and attacking the day. Not merely allowing it to roll over and wash me away. (You know. The usual.)

Ladies and gentlemen, here in my right hand is tonight’s Top Ten list. From the home office in Joyful, Abyss. Tonight’s list: Top ten ways I’m going to be positive today. Here we go!

Number ten: Start the day with clean clothes and a shave. Even for work!

Number nine: Refuse write down and save negative thoughts in my notes for tomorrow’s tweets. They shall instead be set free into the ether.

Number eight: Surprise the office with coffee and donuts.

Number seven: Wave hello to the annoying mascot guy on the sidewalk.

Number six: Set aside time before work for meditation.

Number five: Crack a smile at least once.

Number four: Forgive WordPress for eating this post by making me re-login (for no good reason) and forcing me to reimagine this list.

Number three: Perform a random act of service and/or kindness. #karma

Number two: Act nice to the boss.

And the number one way I’m going to be positive today: Be friendly.

10 responses

  1. Watching your feed today, I keep feeling like I’ve fallen into Bizarro-world.


    1. Exactly. It turned out that was the point of the whole exercise. Would it be positive of me to say that was more than I ever hoped? 🙂


  2. I can’t wait to hear how well you did walking on the sunny side of the street. Just posting photos of cats is a great leap forward and a sure way to get on my good side, but of course you’re already on my good side because I don’t have a bad side! 😉


    1. I love cats. And I love posting picture of them. And I know they would eat me if I ever became six inches tall. Yes, they love me that much!

      I knew you didn’t have a bad side but I decided I’d like you anyway!


  3. Stellar! Totally love this list! ..and James Taylor? wow! You went all out! AWESOME! And I’m talking to you!


    1. JT rocks. And I was gonna try to shower the people but in the end I’ve decided I’m just going to shower the people. It’s my way.


  4. Pretty sure he only achieved 10 through 9, partially 8 and a tad of 1. Even that impresses me. I tried R E A L L Y hard to jar him. I even touched him with my freezing cold hands which makes him scream and hollers at me. I got nothin’ people. I must say, his positivity had ME feeling a little out of sorts. Must have been in shock or something.


    1. Number nine does seem like cheating. Was the partial of eight coffee or donuts? Donuts actually might be a stealth negative thing 🙂 Glad he was a tad friendly, ha, ha.


      1. Number 9 turned out to be a toughie. I can’t wait until I have time to review them. I think they will turn out to be quite delicious!


  5. And might I add…MORE challenges Carmen!!!


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