Forays to the realm of positivity possibilities

I enjoy Twitter a lot. For example, take this tweet that was directed at me a few hours ago:

Oh yeah? Game on! 🙂 Is it any wonder she’s named after my favorite opera or is that the other way around?

This post preempts my previously scheduled missive that just might have been negative. Like the inside of a Tootsie Pop, the world may never know.

I understand the forces of double-reverse psychology and the effects of being dared into this extreme course of action, but I still knowingly and willingly state, on the record: “Challenge accepted.”

I’m quite curious where this strange journey will take me. For once, I won’t expect the worst. Instead, I’ll settle for expecting the unexpected.

Take head, Universe! All my tweets on Thursday will be, somehow, positive in nature.

Assuming I survive (which of course I am) then I’ll try to do a post later with all of my positive comments for us to admire. And you can all let me know how I did great!

Merci beaucoup, Carmen!

I am not responsible for the consequences to the space-time continuum. Oh, what in the world. I’ll drink to that!

Click image to purchase this wonderful object! I bet that red liquid is life-giving nectar.

19 responses

  1. Hahahahahaha! How much do I adore you???? You are brilliant! I’m so smitten!



    1. Indeed. With your prodding, I shall conquer this new universe you all seem to call “positivity.” To be honest I’m quite curious. I’m sure it will all go swimmingly well. And I shall succeed brilliantly!


      1. I look forward to it. Now, I warn you — I’m working all day tomorrow and will be without “technology” for most of the day (sound studio thing). But I shall come later and catch up on all things shoutabyss! Yay! I can’t wait!


      2. I’ll be happy provide a recap for those joyful souls that miss the excitement. There will be plenty for everyone.

        Now if y’all will excuse me, I have 7-2 offsuit and I’m feeling positive. It is time to push my stack.

        I’m all in!!!


  2. From Mrs. Abyss……HA! This ain’t never gonna happen. For Tom, life is like a box of cheap chocolate’s. They all taste like poop. Now, what can I do to make this fun 😉


    1. I won’t allow your negative energy cloud my aura. Remember what I always say, at least since two minutes ago.

      You can’t be singing in the rain without the rain.


  3. WOOT! Ruling needed already. It’s 6:05 am. I told Tom my brother was inviting 20 people to his house Friday night for a small birthday party where I will be cooking. Tom yelps, “Are you shitting me?”

    Carmen, would you consider this a negative comment? In case you didn’t know, Tom hates people and parties. I say it’s negative. Oh what a joyful day for me. Let’s go poke another stick at it!!!


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  5. Mrs. Abyss! Unfortunately — I asked him to blog and tweet positive and joyful things. Technically what he says verbally may not count. YIKES! I so want to be on YOUR side!!!!!

    Next time, maybe we need to do this together — conspiracy like. Now I hope you’ll forgive me too!

    (poke! poke! poke! — let’s see how long he can last! Ha!)


    1. Ah shucks! I do understand though. His face was priceless when he thought he blew it though! I have plenty pokes in store for this evening. Wife carry BIG stick!


    2. I’ll forgive the conspiracy elements of this comment. Instead, I choose to focus on the positive. Namely, a decision in my favor!

      I guess that is why Carmen is the Patron Positivity Saint of the Abyss. I bet you never knew you’d earn a title like that!

      I hope you had a good day at work and thanks for taking a few minutes here and there to visit!


      1. Patron Positivity Saint of the Abyss! I’ll take it! I know it’s only one day — but I’m so very proud of you! I see even Catherine and the wonderful Mrs. made it kinda hard! (how much do I love “Wife carry BIG stick”? Too funny! had me rollin’).

        Very very proud of you Tom!

        (I had a great day — but loved checking in on your tweets and blog today. Made me smile. You’re a good man!).


  6. Here’s another poke with a stick. Can he stay positive when I say Andrew B, RIP?


    1. I did tweet “RIP” for Andrew today. I found it quite odd that I choose to make the day about positivity and then something like that happens.

      And that’s all I have to say about that.


      1. And Davy Jones of The Monkees died, too. Really, a bad day.


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