This Tweek In Review

This might be a new Sunday thing here on the blog. I’ve been ordered to relax my blogging chops on the weekends, so I thought a quickie post reviewing Twitter Week (Tw+Week = “Tweek”) might be fruitful for those of you who don’t follow Twitter and miss out on all of my pith and vinegar. So here goes.

It was Monday morning and my first tweet of the week. I went with the obvious.

On Tuesday, in a highly unusual chain of events, this tweet was retweeted a couple of times.

Also on Tuesday I retweeted this tweet I had previously missed. Mainly because it contained the word “peen.” We all know I’ve peen there, done that.

Apparently I got a little frustrated with work. Like trying to figure out some software, then remembering we had purchased a book about the software called “The Definitive Guide.” It turned out to be not that helpful.

This one really put a smile on my face. Can you imagine me as a talking head on FOX News? I imagine it would go a little something like this.

It always amazes me that “bulldozer” communicators who won’t listen to a word you have to say want you to hang on their every moment of greatness. I think not. I’d rather go get my feet bound.

The highlight of hump day was cracking myself up with this. Someone’s gotta do it. Props to blogramedy for joining in with retweet!

My first tweet of Thursday also received retweet love from a couple of geniuses. Woot.

Thanks to Steve Betz for alerting me to a worthy cause.

Later that same day I got a bit philosophical.

Getting ready for work on Friday is always a special time.

The coup de grace to another successful week of spewing on the Twitter!

I’m out of blog ideas. Starting Monday I’m going to blog all of my tweets in excruciating detail. With 7,692 tweets, if I do one per day, I wonder how long that will last?

2 responses

  1. How did I miss all these gems of gurutivity? I must get back on Twitter…I don’t like it that Stevil got a shouts-out and not me. *frown*

    Slacking on the weekends, huh? Holy Time must be doing a number on your stamina. 🙂


    1. Look harder. I did shout at you. 🙂

      Stamina? What’s that?


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