Windows on my pain

This weekend I did something I should have done about one year ago when I got my new iMac. I dragged out an ethernet cable, hooked it up to the old PC running Windows XP, and began the arduous task of retrieving my data.

First I had to get the computers to talk to each other. I thought it will be a process like finding the other computer on the local network and clicking it and being prompted for a username and password. I figured the latter would be no big deal because I was the “administrator” on both of the computers.


The better part of an hour was spent trying various things until finally, in desperation, I was able to drag and drop files on the PC to the iMac’s “public” folder.

Next, I searched on the PC for the files I wanted to copy but getting them to drag and drop was a bitch. Another hour bit the dust with nothing to show for it. Finally I said, “Fuck it,” and started dragging and dropping entire folders.

I started with “My Documents” which turned out to take something like six days. It turns out to be about two decades worth of data that I have accumulated while being a prisoner in the Microsoft world.

I know a thing or two about computers and I painstakingly brought over my wife’s email which she said was very important to her. Lady, if that’s true, you made a BIG mistake hitching your wagon to the Microsoft horse. (Or something like that.)

Her email was contained in something known as a PST file. This file turned out to be proprietary and thus wouldn’t open on a Mac. Unlike other companies and open source philosophies, Microsoft feels that your data should be as hard to use as possible, only only after you pay them money.

We had to write off my wife’s email as a total loss.

Next came my music library. Guess what? They were all in WMA format. Yep. More of Microsoft’s proprietary bullshit. Luckily I was able to download a program that converted them to MP3 files. That took another day. In the end, most of them converted, but not all. Some of them ended up having playback length of zero seconds and making beepy noises when played. And all of the song information and artwork was missing. I’m now the proud owner of a single album with 12,000 unnamed songs, all by an artist named “Unknown.”

I literally think it would be easier and less time consuming to simply go get my compact disc collection and simply re-rip them all. Thanks for all the help, technology.

Good times!

And to think I paid top dollar for this. And I never even got kissed.

4 responses

  1. I switched to Apple about a month ago with the purchase of a MacBook Air. I had an easier time moving files (I used Flash drives), but did end up losing some music and data files. Now the hard part is continuing to work with my MS-based computer at work. Never thought I’d be “one of them” but now I’m a certified Apple lover. As soon as my contract runs out (in May), I’m switching to an iPhone.


    1. It’s hard to commute back and forth because your fingers adapt quickly to the new key schema. The Mac lets you use the “command” key for things like copy and paste, but you have to use the “option” key for other things, and then they throw the control key into the mix occasionally. I find those keys on the Mac to be rather unintuitive and confusing. You’d think that two of those keys would suffice.

      Either way, when you get back on Windows, it feels downright weird to revert to the control key.

      My wife still has no access to her emails. I think that’s rather shitty of Microsoft.


  2. Once you go Mac, you never go back. Not that I’d know. I’ve always been a Mac user (except for that one time when I bought a PC for our boat and the hard drive fried at the 13 month mark and I lost everything but we don’t talk about that.)


    1. Apple claims that Mac OS X is the best operating system in the world, and I do like it. Especially the fact that it’s built on Unix. But it’s not perfect. For one thing, it is very reliant on the mouse. Why in the name of hell can’t I use the TAB key to toggle through dialog options? I love my iMac but in the long run it will make my right arm fall off.


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