T-shirt ideas circa 2002

HangedMy wife has suggested I put less juice into my posts on the weekend, so here goes…

I’ve been cleaning out some old data. It’s a big job since I’ve accumulated a lot over the last two decades. Today I found a little snippet of a text file from September 2002 and felt it was quite telling in light of how my blog has turned out.

Apparently I haven’t changed all that much.

T-Shirt Ideas
From the personal archives
September 2002
Tom B. Taker

Eat shit – I’m nice

Heh heh heh – I’m sorry but you look funny!

Welcome to the food chain

Say hello to my little friend

You’re in my space and air traffic control is currently closed

Howdy camper nice tent

They can kill you but they can’t eat you

I’m feeling happy, so highly evolved

Are you for real?

Dumb ass

Oh, crap!

I’m a Christian, so I know you’ll rot in hell

Bite me

I’m the poo

That shit’s the poo

You’re not the poo

Embrace poo

Poo friendly

Poo by any other name still smells like poo

Just poo it

Howdy, doody!

I have to admit, I’m a bit surprised I had poo on the brain, even way back then. And here I was thinking it was all happenstance that it became on thing on this blog. Weird.

To thine own self be true.

4 responses

  1. I’ll take a thousand of the “Dumbass” ones!


    1. We’re sorry we are unable to fulfill your order. Dumbass customers are limited to one shirt each. We’re under the impression they are unable to accumulate enough funds to purchase any more than that.


  2. I think you missed out on, “To thine own self be poo.”


    1. You just left me breathless! I'm in awe of your powers. I'm not worthy!


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