Termination Tuesday – The Sweet 16 – Week 7

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That stabbing pain in my skull can only mean one thing. Ice Pick to Head stuck it to Avalanche in last week’s fierce competition. In fact, that was probably the high point of this whole affair. It’s all downhill from here.

Lame Week is officially on!

Wow. Do we suck at running a tournament or what? Now that the Super Bowl is over, though, what choice to you have? It’s either come here for your bracketolgy fix or go through the NFL withdrawal shakes. (I admit I had those during the halftime show while watching Madonna.)

Due to our own stupidity and a finnicky random number generator, Lame Week features the stupidest competition of the season. Food Poison takes on Mushroom (eat) in a cannibalistic orgy of fun for all the senses, but especially taste. As in lack thereof. Yawn.

It’s funny how fate turns out sometimes. And by “funny” I mean, this sucks.

So, which is worse? Dying from food poisoning or eating a bad shroom, dude? You tell me. The fate of the universe rests in the balance, so vote well.

7 responses

  1. Gotta pick the food poisoning. A bad ‘shroom trip would at least give you a psychedelic ride on the way out, while the food poisoning is all explosive & possibly painful expulsions of puke & poop, leaving you in an ever-widening pool of filth as you “fade to black”. Much worse, especially for whoever’s got to clean up afterwards!


    1. I’ve never tripped on shrooms, man, but methinks I’m forced to agree with you.


  2. Aren’t both one and the same? Whatever…I went with food poisoning. More variety that way. 😉


    1. Way back in the beginning of this humble competition, two similar entrants reported for battle. Only one of them should have been admitted. What can I say? We fucked up. But don’t worry. I asked for and received Karen Handel’s resignation, so hopefully it will get better.

      Variety is the spice of life.


  3. Oh ‘shroom. Hate those things and it would piss me off to know i ate one and it killed me.


    1. I think “died of a mushroom” would look great on a tombstone, but that’s just me. I respect your opposing opinion.


  4. I’m with BD, I thought they were sort of the same thing. Food poisoning though is usually pretty violent and seems worse than some alkaloid induced trip you never come back from.


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