Daily Archives: January 31st, 2012

Guru got a role model

Hey, handsome!

Most everything I ever needed to know I learned from the world of Star Trek.

Like, this week, I re-watched an old episode of The Next Generation (TNG) and thought to myself, “Now there’s someone I want to be like! Yeah, baby!”

I’m talking about, of course, Armus, from the Star Trek: TNG, first season, in the episode Skin of Evil.

Wow. This does sound good, doesn’t it?

Save your compassion; it’s revolting. You offer it like a prize, when it’s an insult.

I try to be as negative as I can, but sometimes it’s so hard. (Whaa.) I realized what I was lacking was a proper role model. Say hello to Armus!
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Termination Tuesday – The Sweet 16 – Week 6

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This week it feels icy. Sometimes death competitions are a dish best served cold.

The fates conspired to put Ice Pick to Head up against Avalanche. Weird, eh? If you’re lucky enough and you time it just right, maybe you could go out with a little bit of both as a rescuer climbs up the ice trying to get you out.

Now that would be a stylin’ way to go out. Sign me up!

Ice, ice, baby.

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