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High Colonical Economics #SOPA

Stop SOPA.This is based on a true story. That means that, most likely, people named George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin really did exist. Beyond that, however, there may be some historical inaccuracies. I spent countless seconds imagining – I mean researching – but some errors have may have crept in. Besides, as I write this, Wikipedia is protesting SOPA, so I’m making up the stuff I don’t know. Even though we are now controlling transmission we are not responsible for the content. Enjoy!

It was a fine beautiful day in the Colonies as Thomas Jefferson strode purposefully to his neighbor’s house, a fine upstanding gentleman by the name of George Washington.

Stopping at the gate, Thomas chuckled as he often did at the signs George had posted. “Trespassers will be musketed” and “We don’t lamp for the Constable.” He let himself in the gate and found his friend near the porch, apparently taking a break from afternoon chores.
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