Termination Tuesday – The Sweet 16 – Week 4

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The results are in! Namedropping Edgar Allen Poe influences the results. This week it was a shutout. Literally! 🙂

Immurement walled in the competition. Hit by Golf Ball didn’t have a chance and merely bounced off the walls.

Yes, the clever observer will note that we had an unscheduled bye week. Oops. This series of posts is so exciting that your bracketology host forgot all about it. Yawn.


This week Electrocution and Hypothermia are featured in a grudge match. One is a dish best served cold and the other has seen shocking results so far. (I know, I know. I suck.)

With that, it is game on. Two worthy opponents enter the Octagon of Death. Only one will leave. Who’s will it be? Only you can decide.

Vote now. Vote early. And vote often. Vote like Vladamir Putin himself depends on the results. Remember, the KGB is watching.

4 responses

  1. You know, while I was away last week I actually had a thought of “I wonder if I’m too late for Termination Tuesday”. I’m not sure that says good things about me.


    1. Love it! And since you were away, we took a bye week. That was totally planned.


  2. I think anything that ends with smoke coming out of me is close to a default worse than anything else.


    1. Good point. And you have quite the imagination. I’m glad to see you are giving this competition your all.


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