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The Huevos of the Gun

McDonald's Egg McMuffin

Worth fighting for. Worth dying for.

When nothing inspires and you find yourself staring in frustration at the blank page and no words inside you, that’s when you go back to your roots. In my case, that means culling another weakling wildebeest of a true story from the herd. And here it is. Another authentic tale from my past thoughtfully prepared for your entertainment. Let’s eat.

I remember hearing the call of a rattler and the sound of buzzing flies. Somewhere a chicken clucked. Which was odd since I was in my car driving parallel to the majestic and rushing San Diego River.

The scene: A busy surface street. Just one intersection away is the 200 foot section of road that separates Mission Valley from the Fashion Valley shopping mall. Watch out! On a day with heavy mist that street floods and makes the mall a million-mile journey for weary travelers seeking the life-giving goodness of the Cinnabon. Denied!

But that road leads to another story.
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