2011 in Abyssiness

Just the thing for the job...Work sucks. According to my wife, though, writing about work sucks more. (Stay tuned for my next post.)

So I decided to do a little science experiment. Feel free to play along and try this at home with your own blog.

I reviewed my top posts of 2011 (based on views) to see what topics were most popular. Here are the results.

The #1 most viewed post of the year was, like it is every year, My list of top five angry songs. Somehow this post hit the Google sweet spot of rarity, ranking highly, and phrase popularity. That makes the post the most successful thing I’ve ever written. At least in terms of quantity. But this post wasn’t even written last year. It’s actually from early in 2010.

So I decided to drill down further and limit my research to posts that were actually published in 2011. Here they are:

Top Abyss Posts of 2011
Based on view count

  1. The Most Holy Depressional
  2. A Rokurious Review
  3. The feng shui desktop
  4. Google Maps: Osama Cribs
  5. Barriers to communication

Ouch. That hurts. Not a single post about work. Or poop, for that matter. Do I know my audience or what?

I guess my work posts are doomed?

2 responses

  1. Your work rants seem to be cyclical. Perhaps you’re the first unrecorded case of male pms?

    Word is there’s money to be made by becoming part of a research study. You know…like sperm donation. 🙂


    1. Male PMS? Perhaps you assume too much.

      You are observant and wise. My work life is indeed cyclical. I recently described it much like a biorhythm. It’s similar to other biorhythm curves you’ve seen except the low is much lower and the highs are much lower, too.

      I operate on a whole other level.


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