The Ultimate Christmas Song

The other day I found My favorite Christmas song. I mostly noticed the lyrics but it did have, I thought, that quintessential now sound that says “Christmas.” Unfortunately it also contained twang.

Let’s try this once again, this time with reeling. Without further ado, here is my nominee for The Ultimate Christmas Song in the Non-Twang Category.

You can tell me “Merry Christmas” but I probably won’t hear you. For heaven’s sake, it’s loud with the Shop-Vac on!

5 responses

  1. It just isn’t Christmas without a trip to Applebee’s for daiquiris.

    Merry Christmas…

    I said, “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!”


    1. To me, nothing says Christmas like throwing up on the neighbor’s lawn. Ho ho hurl.


  2. That was really cool. I’m passing this along, especially to fans of fonts and logos (We are legion!)

    Here’s a little card for you featuring five cats (now now adopted) of Wayside Waifs. These cats can rock!


    1. Note to self: Add “shop-vac” to my wish list. STAT!

      I’d have to say, the creator of that video has serious skills. It’s the most impressive typography thingy I’ve ever seen.

      Your cats rocked it! The are obviously poised to take over the world as soon as they develop those opposable thumbs.

      There’s only ONE cat, though, that can really pull of the hat thing. And cats sounding like chipmunks? That’s the perfect amount of sick! FTW!


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