Daily Archives: December 22nd, 2011


I took a Tumble, laws yes. M-O-O-N, that spells tumble.

Yes, I am now on Tumblr, whatever the fuck that is. And I have zero (0) friends. And I can find no way to search for my online friends, nor does the import friends from email function work, either.

Woot! It’s another social media success story! I can honestly say this. It doesn’t get any better than having literally zero friends.

If you can’t handle me having that small amount of happiness and if you were dumb enough to sign up for this Tumblr thing, too, look me up. You can shit on my day by adding me as a friend. I promise to return the favor and then some.

Shouts From The Abyss on Tumblr


Another Christmas Card just for YOU #SeasonsGreetings

To me, there is one thing I really want to be reminded of during the brief moment of enjoyment known as reading a Christmas card.

Yes, you got it. “Difficult times.” No Christmas card is complete without that sentiment.

The Guru of Negativity tips his hat in awe, appreciation and respect to the author of this jolly piece of virginal snow. Those are some massive jingle bells.

The multitasking of wishing seasons greetings while reminding me of this shitty year is a holiday win-win. Even Santa himself couldn’t delivery a better Christmas gift. It’s perfect. I always wanted my heart on a plate.

Ho ho ho…