Day Thirteen #BlogFestivus – The Thirteenth Day of Christmas

festivusThis story is part of BlogFestivus: 12 short stories, 12 days, 12 Days of Christmas. An I.Q. of 12 is also extremely helpful but not required. Oh, the stories have to be exactly 144 words in length, too. You know, that’s 12 times 12. (Use a calculator if you need proof.) The real bitch of this challenge is that you have to incorporate the words from the famous “12 Days of Christmas” song, too. Sick stuff, really. You can find more of these unique stories by clicking this link for a complete list of festive BlogFestivus participants.

The Thirteenth Day of Christmas
by Tom B. Taker

It was Friday.

The others had since gone away, but something compelled him to press on. He entered the decrepit and disused skyscraper and crossed the deserted lobby.

Gingerbread Man Zombie!Although the building was dark, the elevator buttons were still somehow lit. He pushed the “up” button and a set of doors ominously slid open.

Inside, he noticed a button marked “13” that he was deathly certain had never been there before. Strangely it was the only button that was lit. He pushed it.

He sensed the elevator silently rising up. Soon it stopped and the doors opened with a ding, even though the arrow pointed between the numbers 12 and 14.

The welcoming committee was exactly as he expected.

“One quick bite and you’ll never feel pain again,” the closest one said drippily.

He tilted his head and exposed his neck. “Let’s get it on!”

8 responses

  1. This is a tasty Baker’s Dozen.


    1. LOL! I didn’t think of it that way. Tasty! Of course, we’re talking about my neck, so you assume a lot. 🙂


  2. Always a glutton for punishment.
    Or an attention seeker.
    Or always wanting the last word.
    Or…all of the above.


    1. Damn. You called me out. I’d squeak something in response except I agree with you.

      Or, maybe, just maybe, it was so much fun I never wanted it to end. Did that thought ever cross your brains….?

      The truth is that 13 was the one day I actually had an idea! Grinch!

      Actually, I had promised Fix It Or Deal zombies and somehow never got them in there. 13 just happened to be the magic number.

      Or maybe the elves made me do it. Or too much eggnog. Or that you’re not really supposed to eat the mistletoe.

      True, that. I’m a little short on brains…


  3. Oh, so you’re going to my in-laws’ condo??


    1. They live on the 13th floor? I’d be happy to pop in on them. And say, “Howdy!” Of course, I wouldn’t wish something like that on my worst enemy.


  4.’re so good…. you crack me up!


    1. You are far too kind. Positive statements mess me up and leave me feeling confused. So thanks! 🙂


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