Day Nine #BlogFestivus – At the North Pole

festivusThis story is part of BlogFestivus: 12 short stories, 12 days, 12 Days of Christmas. An I.Q. of 12 is also extremely helpful but not required. Oh, the stories have to be exactly 144 words in length, too. You know, that’s 12 times 12. (Use a calculator if you need proof.) The real bitch of this challenge is that you have to incorporate the words from the famous “12 Days of Christmas” song, too. Sick stuff, really. You can find more of these unique stories by clicking this link for a complete list of festive BlogFestivus participants.

At the North Pole
by Tom B. Taker

Everyone knew the girls on the club’s south side near the front door were supposed to be hotter, but Ransoon preferred the dancing on the other side at the North Pole. He was packing so many dollar bills he felt a bit like Santa Claus. This is one time, he thought to himself, it is better to give than receive.

Naughty Santas Night at Twin PeaksHe settled into his favorite seat and ordered a Candy Cane martini from one of the topless ladies hustling drinks. Like he always said, never pass up a chance to quaff white crème de cacao.

Glancing up, Ransoon noticed the mistletoe just as “Let’s Make Christmas Merry, Baby!” began playing and the curtain began to part. Out came his favorite of all the ladies, Holly, the redhead, and dressed in a green elf outfit.

This was truly the most wonderful time of the year.

8 responses

  1. Somehow I expected it to be his wife:) OOOPS!


    1. See? I need a plot genius like you to help me out. I missed a huge opportunity on that one!


  2. I knew that someone had to write about strippers. Thank you for being that someone.


    1. “Ladies” and “dancing.” It was far too obvious. I’m always trying so hard to be different, unique and wacky, that sometimes going for the obvious can be the most surprising of all.


  3. Should I be worried that we went in the same direction today???


    1. That could be telling. Either I have elevated my game or you have lowered yours. 🙂


  4. I was so going to do strippers but I thought…why deny Shouts his moment under the disco ball? *smirk*

    Loved the Candy Cane martini…you’re a man after my own heart…just not during BlogFestivus. You might want to rip it from my chest. 😉 Man oh man the body count in this thing.


    1. I blew the chance to make that drink name a link. Dammit. Here it is, though: Candy Cane Martini

      I admit I’ve never had one. I googled it up for the story and the thought of a guy going into a strip club to order one really cracked me up!

      Party under the disco ball sounds like fun and I was just demonstrating my moves the other day. Boogie Fever!

      I heart your heart. Let’s leave it where it is for now, k? 🙂


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