Abyss Christmas Buying Guide 2011 – Part One

The Tin Foil Hat Kit

Amazingly this versatile item is found in most neighborhood grocery and hardware stores. It’s true!

It’s the Tin Foil Hat Kit. It’s perfect for those freaky DIY freaks on your Xmas list.

Now, you too, can experience the magic of interplanetary safety – on your very own head!

Using this single kit, it is possible to make the traditional “tin foil hat” as well as many others including basic tin foil hat, tin foil box hat*, advanced tin foil hat, tin foil nards protector and, of course, tin foil origami hat.

The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination!

Each kit includes enough materials to make five or more hats!

Note: Not for use on human heads. May caused increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. (We’re not sure about this.) Side effects may include dizziness, reflectivness, bleeding from the anus and death. See your psychiatrist if people make fun of you for more than four hours.

Tip: For holiday fun make little tin foil hats for your little tin soldiers. It’s a tin tin win win!

* Box hat design offers limited protection and should not be used in areas known to be prone to electromagnetic fields, mind control and/or mind reading; or near towers that transmit voices directly into the brain.

Merry Christmas from the Abyss!

3 responses

  1. I have known several people who swear by your product. It keeps The FBI out of their heads. I’ve never understood what the FBI wanted in there.


    1. They are the smart ones! I hear all of the electromagnetic signals that travel through our heads are “mostly” harmless. WTF? Shhhh! Wait one. I hear someone on the roof. Luckily I keep my pistol grip pump on my lap at all times…


  2. […] This is part two in an ongoing series offering you the most festive choices for special holiday gifts. […]


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