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Two #BlogFestivus – Bodacious Tubuloso

festivusThis story is part of BlogFestivus: 12 short stories, 12 days, 12 Days of Christmas. An I.Q. of 12 is also extremely helpful but not required. Oh, the stories have to be exactly 144 words in length, too. You know, that’s 12 times 12. (Use a calculator if you need proof.) The real bitch of this challenge is that you have to incorporate the words from the famous “12 Days of Christmas” song, too. Sick stuff, really. You can find more of these unique stories by clicking this link for a complete list of festive BlogFestivus participants.

Bodacious Tubuloso
by Tom B. Taker

Winston Titus Franklin was not a man to be trifled with. Used to getting his way, he even had his own private lane on the 405. The commute from his luxury Irvine estate to his private office near LAX would have taken hours without it.

He made his way up the I-5 then to the 405 before merging onto “The Winston” and settled in for his 40-minute drive. For some reason, the police never noticed his speed.
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