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BlogFestivus: One

festivusWhat’s that? I already did a post for December 1st? I bet you thought I forgot all about BlogFestivus. Wrong!

WTF is BlogFestivus, you ask? (Yes, I also read minds.)

This story is part of BlogFestivus: 12 short stories, 12 days, 12 Days of Christmas. An I.Q. of 12 is also extremely helpful but not required. Oh, the stories have to be exactly 144 words in length, too. You know, that’s 12 times 12. (Use a calculator if you need proof.) The real bitch of this challenge is that you have to incorporate the words from the famous “12 Days of Christmas” song, too. Sick stuff, really. You can find more of these unique stories by clicking this link for a complete list of festive BlogFestivus participants.

Feelin’ Fowl
by Tom B. Taker

“Oh, fudge,” I said. “Where is that damn thing?”

Things had gone decidedly pear-shaped for me of late, I thought, as I searched the kitchen for my Jamie Oliver cookbook. I was feeling fowl and needed a recipe to match. I had been ordered (no less) to cook dinner. Well, I’d show them.
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