The political truth about Halloween

6 responses

  1. This graph says a mouthful. I mean, who doesn’t like candy? Nasty old GOPers, that’s who. 🙂


    1. I thought it would be funny to graph something like this and I was right, erm, I mean correct. Of course I had no source data to back this up so I relied only on personal interpolation.


  2. That’s national debt spent on candy? Remember how Reagan always kept jellybellies? If I’m elected Presidente, I’m keeping a jar of All-Sorts and NOBODY is allowed to use the Presidential All-Sorts jar but ME.


    1. Brilliant. If elected President, what would your presidential candy be? Mine would have to be either Moon Pie or Twinkie, preferably deep fried. I think I’m leaning towards Twinkies, though, because it would be likely that I’d need a legal defense. And I know those aren’t really “candy” but if I’m president, then I’m also a politician, and that means I can have my cake and eat it, too.


  3. It’s obvious that Bush put a sour taste in everyone’s mouth.


    1. This graph clearly shows that no matter the subject, Bush has to be in last place. 🙂


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