The Nightmare Before, During and After

‘Twas a wrong time ago, longer now than my screams,
In a place where an asshole concocted his schemes;
For the story that you are about to be fed
Took place in the shithole where I was made dead.
Now you’ve probably wondered where happy hate comes from.
If you haven’t, I’d say it’s time I flung dung…

Yo. Halloween approacheth and that has got me in a festive mood. So I’ve begun work on a holiday movie of my own. I just wrote the poetry above for the intro scene. Grammar be damned. I’m going after a mood.

If none of this makes sense, no worries. None of it makes sense to me, either. I’m just doing the best I can.

6 responses

  1. “I flung dung.” How lyrical and charming. You must have a new Chinese take-out in town. šŸ˜‰

    A movie about flinging of the dung. Have you signed up for Script Frenzy with this masterpiece? It has the scent of a winner!


    1. This is a fine example of how my creativity works. I take the merest thread of an idea and expound on it painfully past the point of embarrassment and all sense of shame.

      In this case I knew I wanted to do a post with a twist on the opening poem to The Nightmare Before Christmas. The only other thing I knew was that I specifically wanted to replace the final word “begun” with some version of “dung.”

      So I built the poem backwards from there.


      1. You truly have a far-flung talent. šŸ˜‰


  2. “Twas a wrong time ago . . .” Ha! Nice little pun, there.
    Flinging poo is a great stress reliever.


    1. You have a keen eye, my friend. Thanks for being so observant. That was the part that I felt worked the best. (In other words, the rest of it worked the worst.)


      There’s a ton of poo/poop t-shirts on the internet for a reason!


  3. I’m all choked up


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