First! (Political Style)

On YouTube it is common for someone quick enough to be “first” to comment. Thus the “first” internet meme was born.

Proving once again that humans never grow beyond the mental age of kindergarden students, so-called “politicians” in New Hampshire and Iowa are engaged in a pissing match to determine who will vote first in the presidential primary.

Or, as I like to describe it, a contest to see which state’s voters will be marginalized the most.

Get to it, kids!

When asked for comment, the Terminator said, “Fuck you, asshole.”

5 responses

  1. I think the U.S. should combine its love for political showmanship and TV-contests for the primary season. There should be some televised lottery during the summer for slots in the Jan-May Primary Spectacular. Five states each on 10 different Tuesdays, or something like that. It’s be just like the BCS.


    1. Beautiful idea! I’d tweak it just a bit by requiring states to buy lotto tickets to participate. Maybe for $1 billion each. Or maybe scratch-offs.

      Now who wants to be first??? Mwuhahaha!


  2. Brilliant tweet. You SHOULD get fired…then you can spend all your time thinking up gems like this. Oh, right. You already do that. 😉


    1. I’m going to put a donate button on my boss’ web site so he can afford to live without me. I estimate it make time some time, though. You can’t exactly raise $1.50 overnight, you know.


  3. BTW, you’re the only one that gave that tweet any love the first time I trotted it out. That’s the thing about Twitter. It can be a very tough room, as in zero feedback. But I’m such an optimist that I keep on pumping out the gold nuggets.

    Sometimes, though, I feel a tweet needs more recognition. So then I bring it to WordPress and give it a post all to it’s own.

    Apparently I’m a big fan of futility. That reminds me. It is time for me to make offerings to the futility goddess.


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