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Termination Tuesday – Round 12

Termination Tuesdays – Ways To Die Poll

The madness continues…

The premise is simple. It’s a poll comparing two ways to die to find out which one is liked the least. Fun, eh? I guess that will be determined by the execution of this idea.

Heh! I slay me! πŸ™‚

We’ll do it bracketology style. If I can think of 64 worthy entrants, each weekly poll will eliminate one contender. Eventually we’ll be left with only the final four and then we can have some sudden death playoffs.

Yeah, that’ll be fun! Come on and play along. After all, it won’t kill you now, will it?

Last week lived up to the hype – right up to the point where it died. Accidental Ingestion of Poisonous Mushroom totally digested (by a single vote) Cat Scratch Fever which took a Nugent face plant to that litter box in the sky.

Do you have the balls to answer this week’s poll? I bet you don’t since your bravery is already just as dead as the fun factor of this lame series of posts.

By the way, if you’d like to make a suggestion for entrants in future polls, perhaps your personal favorite way to die, please feel free to pass it along. Ideas are getting scarce. πŸ™‚