Termination Tuesday – Round 9

Termination Tuesdays – Ways To Die Poll

The madness continues…

The premise is simple. It’s a poll comparing two ways to die to find out which one is liked the least. Fun, eh? I guess that will be determined by the execution of this idea.

Heh! I slay me! 🙂

We’ll do it bracketology style. If I can think of 64 worthy entrants, each weekly poll will eliminate one contender. Eventually we’ll be left with only the final four and then we can have some sudden death playoffs.

Yeah, that’ll be fun! Come on and play along. After all, it won’t kill you now, will it?

Last week in a surprisingly strong performance Immurement had absolutely no problem trapping Choking in a corner. This week it is an all-puncture battle. Which prick will win?

Rattlesnake Bite seems obvious enough, but here’s a link if you need to know a bit more about Human Dartboard before casting your ballot. (I originally heard about this while watching an episode of 1000 Ways to Die.)

A demolition worker draws a target on his stomach and invites bar patrons to throw darts at him in exchange for buying him drinks. He has forgotten that he has a quarter-stick of dynamite in his pocket, armed with a blasting cap. When he falls over after having too many drinks, the impact with the floor ignites the cap, setting off an explosion that tears him in half.

Source: Wikipedia

Don’t you hate it when you forget about that stick of dynamite in your pocket?

6 responses

  1. So glad I’m back in time to vote!
    I don’t care if being bit by a rattlesnake is more painful, there is no way that I am going to have the words “human dartboard” associated with my death.


    1. Death Democracy wasn’t the same without you!

      I think “human dartboard” would be legendary on my tombstone. Yeah, I think I want that.


  2. I went with the human dartboard. Unlike Amy, I WANT the words “human dartboard” associated with my death…it’s about the only chance I’ll ever get to be listed in the Guinness Book of Records. 🙂


    1. Ditto! 🙂

      Now I just gotta find me a quarter-stick of dynamite and keep it with me at all times. That’s pretty easy to do, right?


  3. That’s what she said!


    1. Mind if I still that for a t-shirt? 🙂


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