Guru Comic: Feelin’ Feisty

Guru feels feisty. I looked up the word “feisty” in the dictionary to make sure I was spelling it correctly and included in the footnotes it said, and I quote: “break wind.”

I shit you not.

I then clicked “break wind” because, what the hell, it was clickable!

That resulted in this gem:

break wind:
release gas from the anus.

Yes! I love it when things go full circle. I work in mysterious ways, much like a fart in a hurricane.

My work here is done.

8 responses

  1. In future, remind me to stay upwind…’k?


    1. That’s my #1 all time most dispensed guru advice. It will serve you well in so many situations.


  2. Having a spastic colon, it’s the opposite of feistiness. I can’t get things to come out most of the time, quite uncomfortable!!

    I’ll try to be feistier.


    1. It’s a fiesta of feisty festival!


  3. Now that cracks me up! Who knew?


    1. Just another reason why I love the dictionary. Serendipity!


  4. Feisty…this is going to come in handy


    1. Woot! I’m at least as useful as a wetnap.


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