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Aerial Reconnaissance Challenge

The Aerial Reconnaissance Challenge used to be a fairly regular thing here on the blog. I’d post an aerial image and challenge you to identify it. It dwindled, though, and I think this will be only the second one so far this year even I’m still positively glowing after the last one we did in July.

When I originally saw this image, I immediately thought, “Hey, that’s an aerial shot and it will probably be hard for most of us to identify.” So bring on the challenge.

Sorry, viewing the image name won’t provide any clues, you sneaky, sneaky people. But I am willing to provide a couple of hints.

The structure is 50m tall. It is constructed out of 8,000 blocks of white marble stone, the shape of each were calculated by a computer. Construction was completed in 1971.

Can you identify the location shown? Give it your best shot. When you are ready to give up, you can find the answer after the jump.

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When the market drops

Water Droplet TextureNote: Due to the upcoming tenth anniversary of 9/11, there will be no “Termination Tuesday” bracketology this week. It will be back again next week. In the meantime I’m actually going to try to behave.

Would you like to play a game? Don’t worry – it’s simple. First we’ll consider a factoid and then we’ll say the first thing that pops into our heads. This is just an idea. Let’s try it once and see what happens.

Ready? Okay!

Factoid: Approximately one-sixth of the human population on this planet does not have access to safe water.

Response: The solution is a new market! We should be charging a whole lot more for water!

Erm? Did we not all come up with the same answer? How odd.
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How Twitter really works