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MMM – Monday Morning Music (scroll on by)

Just scroll on by, wait on the YouTube.

These guys rock together. I highly recommend their album, Neck and Neck. (Hey, that’s a little guitar pun.)

This one is a repeat but I love it sooo much. It’s the official Abyss theme song brought to life!

Christine O’Donnell masturbation

Christine O'DonnellWhat? You still clicked on this post? You sicko!

I thought it over and I decided that I really want to be #1 on the internet for the phrase, “Christine O’Donnell masturbation.”

Thus, this post was born. This post that features the phrase “Christine O’Donnell masturbation.”

I’m sorry if this offends anyone. I mean, come on! Now matter how you slice it this is a topic that is bound to offend someone, no matter what.

By now, most of us Christine O’Donnell watchers are well aware of her walking out on in interview with Piers Morgan on CNN. I’d like to recap from the transcript of that interview and put a fine point on some key moments that may not have made it into the dreaded mainstream media. Hopefully these moments will be new and startling to you as they were to me.
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