Daily Archives: August 13th, 2011

The Photographer and his iPod

What’s an iPod good for? Among other things it can grab impromptu pictures of when I would have otherwise not have my real camera available. Like when walking down the sidewalk on my lunch break.

Since I just can’t psyche myself into the mood to write lately (and maybe never again), here are a couple of recent iPod photographic masterpieces for your enjoyment.

As always, signed prints are available for the low cost of only “shipping and handling.” I’ll tell you what that is after you provide your credit card number.

This is the jewel of my collection. I had a lengthy make-out session with my iPod after taking this serendipitous shot. I call this photograph: "Ha ha ha!"

After a nice innocent lunch with the wife, she asked if I wanted a mint. Out of the freakin' blue these damn things showed up. Even a guru has his limits! WTF!!!