Philosophy, poop, ethics and this blog

Blurt did a post about Wikipedia and how ALL pages eventually link back to the “philosophy” page. It was interesting stuff and I’ve been pondering if we should do that ever since I saw it. (Heh.)

I took a few liberties and mind-mapped a few terms from this very blog to see what that would look like:

The Shout Abyss Universe (side view). Click image to probe further.

This is interesting stuff. And no, I didn’t do anything clever to generate that image. You can do it yourself at Try it out for yourself. It’s fun.

The fact that all Wikipedia pages lead back to the “philosophy” page really makes one think. The why. The should. Do we even exist? Are you real?

Somehow I don’t think so.

On Wikipedia, All Roads Lead To Philosophy Today’s post is not another example of the high brow literature that you expect here at Blurt. Today, I am going for my own internet meme, the type of thing that you might receive in an email that has been forwarded 75 times by the time it gets to you. Today we’re talking Wikipedia and Philosophy. Did you know that everything on Wikipedia connects to the Wikip … Read More

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12 responses

  1. I think it’s no accident that Sarah Palin is out there beyond the Space Shuttle, but close to Asshole. I think all searches might just lead to Asshole BTW. This reminds me when one of my students did a “map” of my heart. Unfortunately he drew this on a bad day, so a big fraction of my heart was MEAN. FUNNY was but a tiny dot – more of a clot actually. I also can’t help but notice that your map looks a lot like Long Island. Who knew?


    1. I just plug in the terms, ma’am. Placement by the software is completely arbitrary. I’m sure Sarah Palin’s proximity to asshole ’twas a mere coincidence.

      If you think about it, really think about it, isn’t asshole exactly the same as philosophy?

      We gotta see that mean heart drawing. 🙂


  2. You said something about Sarah Palin. Youre going to get hate mail!


    1. Always risky, I’ll grant you that. But I’ve done it many, many times before, and I’ve always managed to come out the other side smelling sweet as a rose.


  3. HATE!!!!!!!!!!


      1. Never underestimate the power of Blurts.


    1. Is it wrong that I love this comment?


  4. That image reminded me of seeing someone walking around with toilet paper stuck on their foot. Hmmm…I wonder why.


    1. The only logical conclusion is that, somehow, the image is a visual representation of this blog. Now we know what that looks like!


  5. Love the post. Mine didn’t ever get to philosophy, though.


    1. Thanks! Try the link and it the computer should do it for you. Automation, baby!


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