The feng shui desktop

You may not know it, but your computer desktop can say a lot about you. And it goes a lot deeper than merely selecting a wallpaper image.

Welcome to the world of the feng shui desktop.

Note: A lot of people struggle with correct pronunciation. Most properly it is f-EE-ng. That’s the same hard “E” sound as found in “week.”

The feng shui desktop should remain uncluttered. If you have a desktop full of icons you are most likely receiving negative qi. (Also known as your lifeforce or energy flow.) That is not good.

For beginners, it is recommended there be no icons at all. Later, as the feng shui desktop is more fully understood, a limited amount of icons can be added, but always in pairs. An odd number of icons is not advised.

Obviously not all elements of feng shui can apply to something like a computer desktop. The trick is to use careful thought and apply balance and principles that make sense and work for you. Be creative and open-minded.

Balance is an important element of feng shui. For example, if you have an icon in the top-left, you might also place an icon in the top-right to maintain symmetry. Or, you might consider the lower-right (advanced). With each added pair of icons (but not too many) you build on and maintain the balance.

If you can think of ways to introduce polarity or a “yin-yang” duality that will increase you qi. I still struggle with this component. Seek out opposites that complement each other.

Someone walked by my workstation the other day and commented on my desktop. “[Your computer desktop] is always so elegant and beautiful,” they said. I was warmed by the thought and felt my qi increase.

This may all sound confusing at first, but I feel if you put careful thought into what your desktop is doing and make considered improvements, you are bound to increase the benefits to your qi.

And yes, the wallpaper itself can become a component.

Be auspicious!

9 responses

  1. I sense no negative energy in this post. Who are you and what did you do with Shouts?


    1. Look. Think. The answer is there.


  2. I never think much about my wallpaper until someone comes to my desk so I can show them something on my computer and I feel embarrassed by what they find.


    1. LOL! I can only imagine. I manually change my desktop wallpaper every morning. I think of a random word, then go a Google Image Search on it. I restrict the search to the pixel size of my desktop. Even with safe search on, it’s amazing how many risque pictures come up. I, of course, ignore those. With almost any word I can imagine I’m usually able to find something that leaps out at me on the first page of results.


  3. Awwe the guru of fuck you is all feng shui. 😉 That’s sweet
    After reading then checking my desktop I think I’m good to go! Very few icons staring back at me, They just need to be rearranged a bit. desktop picture…black and white photo of a dock going out to see…very calming if I do say so myself. now quick say something negative!!!


    1. FEEEENG SHOO-EEEEEE! (Yes, I’m also a pronunciation expert.)

      I can feel the qi of your desktop all the way over here. Very nice.


  4. I must’ve come up on the other side of New Age where we pronounce it fung-schway.

    Anyway, you know mirrors are an important part, so which drives should we mirror?


    1. That is a most excellent suggestion! Mirrored drives! I am in awe.

      I can feel your qi from here.

      I’ll bet there are a lot more feng shui opportunities out there. Keep ’em coming!

      BTW, when I say “feng shoo-eee” people look at me funny. 🙂


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