A tweet from the wife

Didn’t I just bitch the other day about the misery of forgetting things in the morning?

Earlier today I began to get a feeling of worry regarding my kitty cats. (Don’t worry. This ends up well.) Specifically, I was wondering if I had unplugged the coffee pot. I had no memory of doing it.

I asked my wife if she could swing by and check on the kitties. In my mind I was imagining a big ball of fire and little kitty ghosts that hated my guts. Something like, “Damn you for trapping us in this fire hazard!”

The wife works closer to home, gets an hour lunch, and was going to be driving anyway, so she did me a solid and checked it out.

Yes, the coffee pot was still on. Curse this organic-based vehicle I’m forced to occupy!

This would have made an awesome tweet (hence the title of this post) but there was no way it would fit along with the backstory. But I still wanted to share.

This is what she wrote:

The pot was still plugged and the kitties were sitting at the dining table sipping coffee. I joined them for a cup. They were not amused.

Smart ass!

My cats may be irritated but at least they’re okay! And I think they may be planning a coup. 🙂

7 responses

  1. Correction: The wife was being a snark! I really dig unplug the damn thing and she got me good.

    Remember what they say, honey. Payback is a biatch.


  2. Cats on caffeine cannot be taken lightly. They WILL turn against you.

    Buy one of those coffee pots that turns itself off so that the cats will not drink your coffee. (They hate it cold). The new coffee pot will also help you avoid the snarky comments resulting from having your wife drive to the house during her lunch hour.


    1. I can’t imagine a much worse fate than cats on coffee. It would be hilarious right up to the moment they turned on me and ate me for lunch.

      Thanks for the idea! It’s getting to the point where I’m going to need a damned checklist just for leaving my own house. Sad.


  3. That is the worst feeling. “Did I leave the _____ on?” Once the thought is there, it just builds and builds, the worst-case scenarios mounting. It’s enough to make you OCD about leaving the house in the morning.


    1. Well said. OCD about leaving? I’m already there!

      The trick to preventing this sort of thing, when I’m lucky enough to remember to do it, is to mindfully do things. Like when unplugging the coffee pot, you say to yourself, “I am unplugging the coffee pot.” Believe it or not, this actually helps.

      My newest idea, though, is to hold up the morning newspaper and take a picture of it next to the unplugged coffee pot. Later, if I have any doubt, I can just review the images in my camera.


  4. I’m always afraid I have left the garage door wide open. In fact, I am in my house now, and I am afraid the garage door is open. I had better go check.


    1. I hear ya on that one. There have been a couple of times I’ve done that, too. One morning I pulled out of the drive and thought, “I better swing back and take a look.” Yep. It was open.

      Now that my garage is crammed full of stuff and I have to park in the drive, that’s one less thing I can possibly forget. 🙂


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