FOX News hit by hackers – or not?

You know how news organizations like to pre-write obituaries for famous people so they’ll be ready when it finally happens? I’ll bet this was one of those type of dealios!

4 responses

  1. There are some deranged people out there…not all of them work at FOX News. Unfortunately. At least then you’d have them all in one place.


    1. Well, whoever the hackers were, they certainly knew the most hilarious think to post on behalf of FOX News. So I thought my tweet was pretty damn funny. Thanks for the retweet! 🙂


  2. In other news, Fox refused to admit whether semi nude photos sent to a woman in Oklahoma were them. They promised to get to bring in consultants to help determine who had hacked their account.


    1. LOL!

      Meanwhile another News Corp. organization is busy hacking the phones of dead 13-year-old girls and terrorism victims. It all flows down from the top, right? (Rupert Murdoch.)

      Wall Street Journal: Phone-Hacking Allegations Rattle News Corp. Tabloid


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