Daily Archives: July 5th, 2011

FOX News hit by hackers – or not?

You know how news organizations like to pre-write obituaries for famous people so they’ll be ready when it finally happens? I’ll bet this was one of those type of dealios!

Grocery shopping breakdown

The other day I walked to the grocery store and got stuff for dinner. There is something about cooking with groceries you obtained using your own two feet, rather than a car, I think.

I spent $35.92 on the trip. First, let’s deduct anything that didn’t have to do with dinner.

  • Reusable bag refund (five cents per bag): $0.10
  • Orange juice: $4.19
  • Green bell pepper: $0.50
  • Eggs: $2.59
  • Russet potato:  $1.75

That’s $26.79 I spent on dinner only. With that I made four main dishes. (Super Enchiladas that my wife raved about.) My wife and I ate two those that night. The next morning I made huevos rancheros with leftover ingredients. (She said they were the second best she’s ever had.) Then, the next evening, we had the remaining two entrees for dinner. Continue reading →