Update: I’m back from the wilderness


If you noticed a distinct lack of chatter from me recently, pat yourself on the back. You’re observant! As witnessed by the photograph above, I left civilization on Thursday for points unknown and only returned today.

Mrs. Abyss and myself went camping and we decided to rough it. No phones, no internet, no showers and no bed! No water, either. I had to hike it all in. Yikes. Later stories will no doubt be told of this harrowing experience. For now I just wanted to say, “I’m back” and I apologize for not being around to read and comment on your blogs.

I’ll be spending the next week or so trying to play catch up.

And no, in spite of the following video, we didn’t go camping in Hawaii.

9 responses

  1. Great. So you’re a cool camper guy, too. No wonder the Mrs. worships the ground you walk on.

    What? Oops. Sorry! I’m on the wrong blog. 😳


    1. Not only the wrong blog. Wrong planet! I wasn’t supposed to be here!


  2. Welcome back. When the electricity goes out on the farm, we have no water. Massive damage stranded us there (our private bridge was out) after storms some years ago. Eight days. Lucky for me, I’d stockpiled potable water.

    …Hilarious! Just interrupted by phone call (mobile) from The Duchess. The farm is out of electric, water (potable) and phone/ landline. Suuuuuper. Hopefully, this won’t be days. 😦


    1. No electricity is quite fun for three days. Any longer and I think I start to twitch.


      1. It’s the drinking water that’s the problem. Where I am, it’s not “go next door” or down the street, it’s a 25 mile trip.


  3. Looking forward to hearing more about your camping trip! It sounds like it was just my style!


    1. Yeah, I think you would have liked it. I just posted part one of the story. Nothing too exciting, I’m afraid.


  4. For some reason, you never struck me as the camping type. Now I’m sitting here waiting for blog posts of your adventures. (The “deliverence” tag has me very, very curious!)


    1. I know, right? Me go camping? Weird!

      The story is up. It might be confusing since I left out all the parts about me being rugged and stuff.

      Sorry. Just choked a bit. Could someone please pass the damn Grey Poupon???


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