Short Story: The Ugly Rock #BlogShorts

The Ugly Rock
by Tom B. Taker

The rock was ugly. Absurdly so. For millenia it existed in this idyllic setting.

An ant commuted nearby. The rock hated it. Flipping itself over, it landed on the ant.

This post is part of the BlogShorts challenge. June 2011 – 30 stories – 30 words – 30 days.

4 responses

    1. This is actually a rewrite of a story I wrote 10 to 20 years ago, which has since been lost. The original story wasn’t limited to 30 words. Relying only on my memory I edited the thing down for this challenge. Sadly much of the original plot was lost.

      I sure wish I could find that story.


  1. Another spooky moment…check our my BlogShorts for today. 🙂


  2. Holy wow, Batman. I see what you mean. The odds here are simply too astronomical to calculate. What does this mean???


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